How To Be A Successful (and Profitable) Mentor

A step-by-step guide to mentoring on Growthipedia Mastermind

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Becoming a successful Mentor starts with creating an attractive Listing.

We help to make this easier by supporting Calendly for scheduling and Zoom for audio and video meetings. Both have free plans.

1. Open a Calendly Account.

Visit to open a Calendly account.

Once opened you can create a Mastermind Session calendar to set your availability and copy your embed link.

No click the Copy Link button.

In when creating your listing, you can add the calendly link to allow people to easily see your availability and book you.

2. Open a Zoom account.

Visit to open a Zoom account. With Zoom you can host audio and video calls. This software can also be used to host webinars and group calls.

3. Create a listing

Listings contain the information about you and the session. This allows Mentees to be informed prior to booking.