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Want to grow your business? Thinking about ways to grow that allow you to help others, control your time and earn more?

Great news: mentoring through Growthipedia Mastermind provides the perfect solution to these questions.

What Is
Growthipedia Mastermind?

Growthipedia Mastermind is a mentorship marketplace where mentors can share their knowledge and grow their network in a way that scales.

Our platform combines technology with education to make it easy for mentors to earn and educate in a secure environment.

Built On A
Trustworthy Foundation


Benefit from a secure payments provider trusted by over 35,000 companies around the world including Shopify, Lyft and Doordash


Leverage Growthipedia’s growing community and resources focused on growth.

Video Conferencing

Communicate easily using Zoom's video conferencing and call capabilities.


Stay up-to-date and organized using our Calendly integration which supports iCal, Google and Outlook calendars.


Maintain privacy using our integration of Twilio’s telephone services. Twilio is used by AirBNB, Uber and Ebay.

Benefits Of Mentoring

Increase Revenue

Add an additional revenue stream that allows you to offer access to your expertise and knowledge on your own terms.

Build A Community

Grow your community and network by helping others. Sharing your skills and achivements.

Improve Brand Awareness

Increase the awareness of your brand and business so others can benefit from the products and services you offer.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started


Become A Mentor

Signup for Growthipedia Mastermind. Complete the signup process in less than 30 seconds using email, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn.


Create A Listing

Showcase your skills, accomplishments and expertise. Set your availability for Mastermind Sessions by posting a free listing or multiple listings.


Share And Profit

Share that you’re available for Mastermind Sessions and have people automatically book and pay for your expertise and insights. Our platform fee is only 20% of each booking.
Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from mentors that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

How do I sign up as a mentor?
Click the Get Started button below to
1. Create an account, then
2. Create a listing.
Get Started
How much does it cost to join and post a listing?
It's FREE to join Growthipedia Mastermind. It will always be free join and post listings.
We earn money to support the business by charging a platform fee of 20% for each session booked. For example if a mentor's session cost $25 we would make $5 on the booking and the mentor would make $20.
How are payments handled?
Payments and all payment related information is handled by Stripe.
Stripe is a global payments platform that supports payments in over 100 countries and is used by companies like Lyft, Shopify and Doordash for their payments.
To keep your personal information secure this information is handled directly by Stripe. No one at Growthipedia Mastermind can edit or view this information.
When can I get paid?
Once your session has been marked complete by the mentee, payments are sent directly to you after 2-3 days. For example, if your session was marked complete on Monday, you would receive payment by Thursday or Friday.
How are the platform and its listing promoted?
Growthipedia Mastermind is promoted via organic promotions across the web. We have a growing email list, social media following and community that provide great sources of traffic.

Our online and offline audience is filled with people who are ready to grow in their lives, careers and businesses.
How many listings can I post?
You can post multiple listings. You can post a listing for an hourly session and a listing for monthly mentorship.
Can I cancel my membership at anytime?
With Growthipedia Mastermind there are no contracts or long term commitments. You can edit your account or delete your listing and cancel your membership at any time.