What Is Growthipedia?

What is Growthipedia?

Growthipedia is a constantly updated encyclopedia of business and personal growth resources. It was built with the goal of being able to easily and quickly find tools, guides, and articles that help people accomplish tasks and achieve goals.

Founded by Adrian Kennedy. The idea came from his frustration with current resources and search tools for finding assets that help people learn and execute on their ideas. Having started, bought and sold several businesses over the years, he found that he was constantly digging through pages of search results, searching digital archives for knowledge on websites that were deleted long ago and reaching out to people with specific domain knowledge to find exactly what he was looking for and to answer his niche questions.

Then once he found a resource he liked and used, he might not need it again for a while, so he would forget about it or lose it completely. This left him performing his search for resources all over again when the same or similar tasks arose again. 

This cycle had to end.

To save himself time and energy, he eventually started cataloging his various resources, tools, systems, and processes. This way if he ever needed them in the future, he could simply go back to his massive spreadsheet, his library of documents, media, systems, and automation methods to quickly find and build what he needed.

This collection has allowed him to easily share these resources with his friends, colleagues, and team so they could also discover utilize valuable resources, learn new topics, apply information quickly and achieve their goals.

About the Founder

About the Founder

Adrian is a lifelong learner and builder.

He's written several books, has spent years living abroad in Australia and Vietnam and manages the operations of the technology and consulting company he founded, Xscape.

After spending years building, buying and selling businesses, he now helps other people and businesses achieve their goals and grow. His management role includes overseeing several ventures, like Growthipedia, that Xscape owns and manages itself.

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