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Update: Monday, December 23, 2019

Today we announce the release of Growthipedia DealBook.

This feature was designed to help solve a unique problem for Real Estate Investors.

Many people in the real estate investment space aren't licensed real estate agents or brokers. They also may not directly own the properties they have control over or an interest in. As a result they aren't able to advertise their many unique deal on many real estate platforms that exist.

Growthipedia DealBook solves this problem by providing a platform where deal producers and asset owners may list their real estate deals so other real estate investors, real estate developers, rehabbers, flippers and wholesalers may find them.

Growthipedia Dealbook also supports the ability for people and companies who submit deals to be contacted by interested parties without their contact details being shared with the public.

As we continue to add new features feel free to Contact Us and send us your questions and feature requests.

Update: Monday, December 16, 2019

Hi there!

Today we launched the ability to Create an account on Growthipedia.

Our team sees this as a very valuable feature that will benefit our users by allowing them to enjoy a customized experience and support for future customization we have on our roadmap.

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