The Ultimate Guide to AWS Certification

A guide that features over 30 hours of free courses and other resources.

Why Amazon AWS vs Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud?

Simply put, Amazon AWS is the most widely used and oldest cloud infrastructure globally. They support more companies, governments, financial companies and industries than any other cloud infrastructure company out there.

While you can get other cloud certifications, Amazon AWS should be the foundation of your cloud skillset. From this broad and stable foundation you can add other certifications from Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

AWS has 33% of the cloud infrastructure market share

And getting your AWS certifications isn't just about AWS being the most widely used cloud service. It's about you getting paid. You didn't really think I would share information that would help you grow in your personal and professional life do you?

Two of the 15 most valuable Information Technology (IT) certifications in 2020 are AWS certifications.

The Only AWS Book You Should Buy

The book is The Good Parts of AWS.

This AWS book tells you all you need to know about Amazon AWS, including lots of things Amazon doesn't share in their own documentation.

This book along with the courses below have been my go to sources for building Growthipedia and hopefully it can help you launch your own website, app or software product.

Here is the table of contents for the book.

Below is a quote from the authors Daniel Vassallo and Josh Pschorr.

This is a book by Daniel Vassallo and Josh Pschorr. Between us, we have worked with AWS for 15 years, including 11 years working inside AWS. We have worked on all sorts of web applications, from small projects to massive web services running on thousands of servers. We have been using AWS since it was just three services without a web console, and we even got to help build a small part of AWS itself.
This is an opinionated book. We only cover topics we have significant first-hand experience with. You won't find most of the knowledge we share here in the AWS docs.

Here is a tweet from the co-author Daniel where he shares his salary over the period he was working for Amazon and with AWS.

Learn more about the book by clicking here.

The link above also includes a sample of the AWS book that is 33 pages of the book's 173 total pages.

The AWS Courses

I don't usually recommend free course because they often are lower quality than paid courses, but I highly recommend these free courses, not only because they are free, but because I used one of their courses to get my first AWS Certification as a Cloud Practitioner. I ended up being able to take the course and pass the certification exam the first time.

Below you will find the following free course videos:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner - A 4 hour free course
  • AWS Solutions Architect - A 10 hour free course
  • AWS Developer Associate - A 16 hour free course

That's a total of 30 hours free courses. 30 hours that can help you not only earn more but can give you more control and freedom in your professional life.

Cloud Practitioner Course

If you're wondering which AWS certification to take first, this should be the first one because it gives you the AWS foundation you can build upon.

This is a link to an article from the maker of the course

AWS Solutions Architect Course

This course will help you deliver solutions as part of a career in cloud computing, as part of your business or in your business and to other businesses.

This is a link to an article from the maker of the course.

AWS Developer Associate

This course will help you become a Cloud Engineer which will help you build fullstack web applications.

Part 1 of 2 of the course

Part 2 of 2 of the course

Here is a link to an article related to the course.

Bonus Resources

This video is great for helping startup get started with AWS.

An article on the various AWS Cloud Certifications

In index of AWS terms from A to Z

Join the Cloud Newbies Discord Group

Free 1,000 Page Guide on Building Serverless Apps


If you have an other resources you think should be a part of this article contact us.

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